Tale Of A Musical Journey

Hello You!

Welcome! I’m Ciinderella Balthazar, a professional singer-songwriter, film score composer, model and content creator aka influencer.

I was born in Belgium and I’m currently living in London were I got signed by the independent label Last Ten Music Group. Together we are working on my Debut Album which will be released end of 2018…WHOOP!

Alongside music I will be sharing stories and blog posts about new adventures I experience daily.

From rehearsals & studio recordings to fashion & beauty shoots to travelling the world while gigging, training, trying out new restaurants & hotels to tips on how to grow your social medias to interviews with fellow artists and bloggers,… All of it with positivity and lots of good vibes!


PS : If you are wondering about my stage name, Ciinderella Balthazar , well, it is my real name and it would have been a shame to change it, even though I got a lot of competition with that Disney girl!

But so far, it has been a real blessing, a little extra fairytale touch to my musical journey.

Picture Credit: @mathiaslefevre