#1 Stay With Me In Brussels : Hôtel Saint-Géry, Your Cosy & Arty Getaway!

#1 Stay With Me In Brussels : Hôtel Saint-Géry, Your Cosy & Arty Getaway!

During my latest trip to Belgium, I was my partner’s +1 for one complimentary night at the Hotel Saint-Géry situated in the middle of the capital, Brussels.

Saint-Géry Square is vibrant and known for its bars, music events and is literally 5 min walk from all the shops and restaurants. It’s just the perfect location for a city getaway. Our room had view on the square and that day being particularly sunny, we had this lovely lighting going through the windows which was a must for a couple of Instagram pictures ;).

Being Belgian and born in this city I have family and friends who we could have stayed with. However, we wanted to spend the first day and night just the two of us, spoil ourselves and visit Brussels like tourists. The city has quiet changed since I moved to London. For example, now, you have this whole pedestrian road with those geometrical forms on the floor while it used to be a huge traffic road.

Brussels is definitely changing and opening to more and more culture and music. The Hotel as well had this whole artistic vibe and many paintings of blues musicians were hanging on the walls.

Best part? Our room had this huuuuuuuge bath which I made sure to use and loaded with soap to create foam.

This hotel would definitely be one to recommend. It’s affordable when booked in advance, it’s central located and breakfast has everything you need to start the day on a good note. However if you re looking for a quiet space make sure you mention it with your reservation as the hotel has a large bar on the ground floor which transforms into a live music venue on weekends.

Bruxelles Ma Belle, See you next time! C.xxx.