Donatella Versace once famously said : “For me, Music gives a Voice to Fashion”.

Her quote could not describe better the way I feel about the Fashion world. I get inspired and confident depending on how I dress myself whether I just go to the supermarket or perform on stage.

I admire designers giving their all to create clothes who empower those wearing them.

Last month, the creative director & founder of Fashion Industry Insiders, Edmond Kamara known as Cuts For Him, invited me to perform at his annual event in front of an audience of 160 like-minded fashion & art professionals.

Fashion Industry Insider - Ciinderella B 010.png

This year’s theme, ‘Fashion as an Art Form”, brought together a panel of three incredible individuals discussing their views on Art, Fashion and Social Media.

From Left to Right :

– Maurice Mullen – Head of Fashion & Luxury Goods, Evening Standard & ‘ES’ mag.

– Mathias Le Fevre – Creative consultant for luxury menswear brands

Caroline Chinakwe – Creative director, artist and designer

Fashion Industry Insider - Ciinderella B 009.png

The venue, a beautiful conservatory inside the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington, looked like a gigantic glass house. The extra touch? The illuminated palm trees! 

An exotic location, ideal for Caroline’s  Afro Pop Art exhibition

 I was impressed by Edmond and his team. Part of the tickets profits went to charities and thanks to the sponsors guests were spoiled with goodie bags. The atmosphere was electric and every corner was overflowing with creativity!
BUT honestly, I did not make their job easier…
Four years ago, I was asked to perform in the same venue, coincidentally for a similar catwalk show and fashion networking event. It was a disaster…

I walked in with my musicians and there was no soundcheck in the schedule. Then, the outfit the main designer prepared did not fit and I was asked to change in a room full of male and female models, designers, photographers, and hotel staff. The me at that time, felt humiliated. I was too young to say no and I felt too afraid to raise my voice. When our time came to go on stage, we realised there was no sound system and no microphones available. The head organiser simply requested me to sing a bit louder.

We felt disrespected as artists and left without performing. And so so years I avoided the hotel, reminder of the incident.

Fashion Industry Insider - Ciinderella B 002.jpeg

Several times, Edmond chased after me… His efforts and personality took over my fears and he made sure to get me on that stage!

Funny enough, this time around, one of the organisers asked me to change my outfit to something more ‘fabulous’. It came from a good intention as the reason behind was that my outfit did not give my voice justice. I said no!

Well, not directly… Ocasionally, I still feel shy and no representative from my label was there to help in case of a disagreement.

 So I walked out of the hotel for two hours, joined another fashion event, tried out some dresses displayed, came back and performed in my initial outfit.

This was my decision. No one should ever tell you to go and change but if they do, you are the one with final choice. You can change, you can compromise or you stick to your true self.



My outfit may have looked plain, BUT it made ME feel comfortable while I was playing guitar & singing.


My face lacked makeup BUT I felt comfortable and I did not feel the need to follow other’s beauty standards. Also, I wanted to give my skin a rest.


My hair should have been let loose or I could have benefit from a blow dry BUT I did not want to worry about some hair or hair pins going into the strings of my guitar while performing live.

Fashion Industry Insider - Ciinderella B 008.jpeg

Someone asked me in the backstage : “Are you nervous?” I was not, I was excited and ready!

Fashion Industry Insiders, THANK YOU for having me. It was a honour to be your headlining artist!

THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to share what I do best : MUSIC!





London Restaurant : An Ultimate Meat Heaven Experience!

London Restaurant : An Ultimate Meat Heaven Experience!


Welcome to The World’s End Market, the only restaurant in the UK where you’ll be served El Capricho cuisine which includes some of the rarest Spanish red meats!


Situated on King’s Road in Chelsea, their menu offers high quality Steaks, Steak Tartares, Carpaccios, Burgers, & even Ox Tongues for the most daring ones.

My personal favourite starter was the Steak Tartare served with some slices of bread. Every bite of this raw dish confirmed that the quality of the meat was exceptional!

Then the mains made their appearances and the game was over… BOTH their fillet steak and burger were the best I have ever had!

The red meat was served medium cooked and was deliciously was melting in my mouth.

Meat Fact : Netflix documentary has called, Jose Gordon, owner of the El Caprichio farm, his steaks as some of the best in the world!

Our Saturday lunch experience was enhanced with touches of jazzy background music and a rustic decor.

The bartenders were very knowledgeable and would tell little historic facts behind the cocktails they would serve. A classic with red meat would be a glass of  red wine or old fashioned.

Our 3 course meal ended with some  little sweet treats : Chocolate mousse and nutty cheesecakes.


Will you indulge in this meat experience?










Glenfiddich Burns Night Celebration around an Experimental Dinner

Glenfiddich Burns Night Celebration around an Experimental Dinner

Burns Night is a popular and annual Scottish celebration around the life of poet Robert Burns. A special occasion to drink quality whisky with your friends while listening to beautiful poems.

This year, Glenfiddich has teamed up with British chef Adam Handling for a very unusual menu:  Expect smoking mussels and single malts in most signature cocktails and dishes!

The evening started in a beautiful gala setting inside the renown Pro Vision Studios where the lighting & decorations created a fairytale atmosphere.

And then, the smoking & bubbling mussels made their appearance…

 The attention to details was exceptional!

Gentlemen Bloggers Guests were enjoying themselves.

(In the picture from Left to Right : Mathias le Fèvre, Gurj Sohanpal & Luke Alland)

Snacks and main dishes looked mouthwatering…

And a Whisky vanilla parfait made its appearance …

The evening ended with two artists reading poems. From the start to the end, a magical night!

Thank you Glenfiddich & Adwaiz for inviting me to my first Burns Night!

– Ciinderella B –

Discover “The Perception” – A New Cocktail Bar & Restaurant at The Iconic W London Hotel

London finally has a new stylish cocktail bar & lounge in town. It’s called The Perception at the iconic W hotel situated just 5 min walk from Piccadilly Circus.

The lounge used to be a very known hang out place for Mayfair nights out amateurs. Ladies and gentlemen would sip on a few cocktails while listening to the Dj playing House music. It was the perfect pre-drinks location before heading out.

About hree months ago, it went under refurbishment and most regulars had no idea when it would reopen and how it would look like.

Well let’s not keep it a secret anymore : It now looks absolutely stunning! Two cocktails bars, a fine dining menu, a silent vinyl disco , disco balls everywhere, a golden photo booth and two Dj decks, that’s just how they do it and there is nothing to complain about it.


London Glamorous Make-Up Session By Willow & Rose

To start this new week of August, I went to try out a new look by Willow & Rose Make-Up. The lovely owner and make-up artist Emily Dodds went for a sophisticated look, very Pop & Glamorous. I found the final result absolutely stunning! Let me know your thoughts about it!

Willow and Rose is a young London based company specialised in occasion make-up, bespoke make-up shopping experiences and hen do’s. The talented Emily will listen to all your needs and make you feel at ease!​ Scroll down to see the full list of make-up products she used!


The Make-Up used for this Pop Glam Look :

-Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Primer

-Nars Sheer Glow Foundation In medium/dark

-Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
-Rimmel Clear Eyebrow Gel
-Kevyn Aucoin Eye Shadow in sunstone
-Charlotte Tilbury eye pencil in barabarella brown
-Lancôme Doll Eyes Mascara
-Individual lashes by Ardell
-Charlotte Tilbury bronze and glow to sculpt, bronze and highlight
-H&M Blusher in coral for a final pop of colour
-Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in pillow talk
-Bobbi Brown lipstick in sandwash pink (as worn by Kate Middleton on her wedding day!)