5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Start Using Organic Coconut Oil

5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Start Using Organic Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known for its skincare benefits, cooking superfood use and helps boosting your metabolism. The best type you can find on the market is UNREFINED ORGANIC COCONUT OIL. I try to support as much as possible local & ethical companies such as my favourite London-based brand : The Leaning Tree.

Here are 5 simple reasons why you should start using coconut oil, preferably organic :

1 – It is an amazing body massage oil.

Unless you do not like the taste or smell of coconut oil, you should try having a massage with it. Coconut oil is an excellent carrier oil and goes very smoothly on the skin. Personally, I find the smell divine especially mixed with one or two drops of lavender essential oil. Time to spoil your body from tip to toe!

2 – It’s a moisturiser for the whole family.

Both kids and grown ups will love it! I have 8 siblings and none of them complained when I offered a (huge) pot to my mom. It’s natural, pure and it’s easily available pretty much everywhere! It will moisturise and nourish almost every part of your body. Also, if you are going to put it on your skin, rather go for something organic!

3 – It repairs body & hair damages.

I often get asked what do I use on my skin and for my hair… my secret : natural products and always in small quantities. I apply coconut oil on my face every 2 to 3 days and on my hair 2 to 3 times a month. It helps healing with spots, scars, stretch marks, calms itchy scalps and repair damaged hair ends. The picture above  is a selfie without any filter or alteration after using coconut oil for the past 12 months.

4 – It is both a make-up and dirt remover.

Ladies, I have tested it myself. Put a small teaspoon of coconut oil in the palm of your hands and apply it everywhere on your face while closing your eyes. Take some cotton pads and take it then off. Even the strongest waterproof eyeliner and mascara will be taken off very easily. In addition your skin will be moisturised at the same time.

Gents, pollution is everywhere and as soon as you leave the house your skin gets dirty by whatever lays around in the air. When you come back home in the evening, massage some oil on your face and remove it afterwards with a warm damp towel. You will be surprised to see what can come of your skin!

5 – It flavours your food and it is full of healthy nutriments.

Coconut oil has nutritional properties such as healthier fats and can be a good addition to your other kitchen oils. It will transform any recipe you are used to cook in something very refreshing and different. The coconut flavour is nor too strong nor too overwhelming. Many recipes and ideas can be found online both for cooking and baking. My star recipe of the moment : banana pancakes and no butter cheating allowed! 

The Leaning Tree is a very small fair trade company owning a family farm in Skri Lanka were all their coconut oil comes from. I had the opportunity to meet the owner Hass who left a deep impression on me. 

Would you believe that Hass hand delivers himself all over London. By walk, tube and bike. I do and I have seen him doing it. They don’t mass produce and all their jars contains a handful of love, dedication and positivity!